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Part-time Hot Station Okinawa 潛水店 PADI 教練 & 工作夥伴招募 at Hot Station Okinawa Dive Center 05-Jun-2018
Full-time Amami Island Summer Season staff at Surf, SUP, Burger and Villa KAZBO 04-Jun-2018
Full-time Okinawa Scuba Diving PADI Instructor Staff Wanted at Hot Station Okinawa Dive Center 31-May-2018
Full-time Okinawa Scuba Diving PADI Instructor Staff Wanted at Hot Station Okinawa Dive Center 25-May-2018
Full-time 【中国語】ラグジュアリーブランドでの通訳販売 at 株式会社ヒト・コミュニケーションズ 23-May-2018
Full-time 中国語◆◇◆ラグジュアリーブランドでの通訳販売◆◇◆ at 株式会社ヒト・コミュニケーションズ 23-May-2018
Full-time 【美容部員】中国語を活かせる職場 at 株式会社ヒト・コミュニケーションズ 10-May-2018
Full-time 【コスメ販売】中国語がしゃべれる方募集 at 株式会社ヒト・コミュニケーションズ 10-May-2018
Part-time Okinawa Scuba Diving Padi Instructer Staff Wanted at Hot Station Okinawa 11-Apr-2018
Full-time Store Manager at ZARA Japan 02-Apr-2018
Freelance 上野駅そば!御徒町駅目の前!スーパーマーケットレジのお仕事 at 株式会社ダイエースペースクリエイト 27-Feb-2018
Full-time Japanese,Chinese and English at Ryusei Bobo 04-Jan-2018
Full-time We need apparel salesperson in Kisarazu at International Recruting CUE , Matsuzaki 14-Dec-2017
Full-time If you want to work in the wilderness, I will be waiting.[Oceandays] at 株式会社 オーシャンデイズ 10-Dec-2017
Full-time We need Japanese and foreign at Bobo/David 05-Dec-2017
Part-time 笑来美餅(わらびもち)の芭蕉堂 at Bashodo Co.,Ltd 30-Oct-2017
Full-time Fulltime / Parttime Salesperson at pacy 25-Oct-2017
Full-time Okinawa Padi Scuba Diving Center Marin Staff Wanted at Hot Station Okinawa 14-Oct-2017
Full-time 中国語が喋れる方募集 at 株式会社 日本香堂 15-Sep-2017
Part-time Hot jobs at FOREVER21 Shibuya Store! at FOREVER21 JAPAN RETAIL 31-Jul-2017
Full-time Programmer (VB.Net/ ASP.Net) at Sasha Wan 19-Jul-2017
Part-time We need a part time teacher for free talk lessons at keiichi Higuchi 18-Jul-2017
Part-time Let's work together at our rentaling car shop!! at Erina Watanabe 01-Jun-2017
Full-time 子供服 ★BABYDOLL★で楽しくアルバイトしませんか! at 株式会社コージィコーポレーション 19-May-2017
Full-time Urgent Job vacancy Available in USA. at Garry Lescott Family 04-May-2017
Full-time SPEED RENT-A-CAR at ITJ, Inc. 28-Mar-2017
Full-time 中国語ができる方 at ロワールインターナショナル株式会社 06-Mar-2017
Full-time コンビニのレジ・接客 at 有楽町本社 28-Feb-2017
Part-time 【Sapporo】Cosmetic Sales at aim 28-Feb-2017
Freelance We need a live-in volunteer (free accomodation) at Sakaguchi Shouten "YAMABUKI" 01-Feb-2017
Full-time We need English or Chinese speaker at 株式会社長﨑堂 01-Dec-2016

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