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Jobs for Translation

Part-time ツアーガイド募集 英語が話せる方大歓迎 ! at First Touch 株式会社 13-Jun-2019
Part-time Native Canadian French Game Testers Wanted (Kudanshita) at Keywords International 21-May-2019
Part-time Mobile application QA tester WANTED! at Hitomi Konno(DaijobAGENT) 30-Jan-2019
Part-time English Interpreter at Hiwork 01-Jan-2019
Part-time Looking for Translators/ 翻訳者募集中 at Wovn Technologies 株式会社 23-Oct-2018
Part-time ★オープニング募集 ホテル客室清掃・ベッドメイキング at 株式会社グローバルリンクス 30-Jul-2018
Part-time ロシア語への翻訳 at SINONOME-JAPAN 25-May-2018
Part-time Golf course staff (interpreter) ゴルフ場スタッフ募集 at ハッピーバレーゴルフクラブ札幌 06-Mar-2018
Part-time Minor Speech Collection – Japanese at Staffing Specialist 18-Apr-2017
Part-time Japanese-English Translator/Reviewer at Cross Language, Inc. 03-Jun-2016
Part-time 鳥取県国際交流員(広東語圏)の募集について at 鳥取県交流推進課 櫻木 13-Jan-2016
Part-time English Game Tester at Max 11-Nov-2015
Part-time Website Translator at a Famous Talent Agency at GlobalPower Inc. 30-Oct-2015
Part-time 【8 days only】English Native check at Globalpower 28-Jul-2014
Part-time Designer needs English /Japanese assistant at Towner & Partners Design Consultants Ltd. 20-Jun-2014
Part-time Japanese to English and vice versa at Gaurav Jadhav 05-Sep-2013
Part-time Comic Book Translation English to Japanese at Izumi Network Yugen Kaisha 04-Jun-2013
Part-time Reseach on educational system in Taiwan at Hama international educational systems 10-Jul-2012