Business manner

You are in Japan! You better follow Japanese rules.

To create good relationships with Japanese employees and employers, you should know and follow Japanese rules.
The proverb says: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”. Here are some Japanese rules.

Arrive at least 5 minutes before work starts.

					You have to be on time for appointment.
Therefore, you need to arrive 5-10 minutes before work starts.

If something happens and you would be late for appointment,
you have to contact your boss and tell, that you will be late.

Place “さん(SAN)” after family names

					If you call someone, you should place “さん(SAN)” after their name.
In Japan, everybody use “さん(SAN)” in place of Mr./Mrs.

Mr.Tanaka → Tanaka SAN
Mrs.Kaneko → Kaneko SAN

There are no tips in Japan

						There is no tipping in Japan, so you don’t have to pay tips when you use taxis or go to restaurants and/or hotels.