Work in Japan

We suppose that you are using Job Board to find job.
We are always gathering recruit information for everyone who lives in Japan.
We also want to support everyone who want to come to Japan to find a job.

Many clients post their Job offer.
They require Restaurant staff, Shop staff ,Language teacher, Office worker, Event staff, and much more.
There are many offers therefore, you can find what you want.

You can choose the employment style on this web site.
If you want to work the whole day, you should choose “full time job”.
You can work part time, if you entry part time job. Also you can work as a freelancer.

We hope that you will find good jobs in Japan.

How to get a job in Japan

Check your VISA

						There are many types of VISA which give you an allowance to work in Japan.
You better to check if your VISA fits the requirements of immigration bureau of Japan or not.
Here you can see if your VISA fits the requirements

How to write your Curriculum Vitae as RIREKISHO

						Next step is to write your Curriculum Vitae as RIREKISHO.
Here some points which are important for your RIREKISHO.

Get an “INKAN”

						In Japan, everybody use INKAN as a signature on official documents.
INKAN is small stamp.It may cost about 2000-3000YEN.
You may require an INKAN when you are employed.

Make a BANK account

						A bank account is necessary to get your wages.
Some employer require a specific bank to reduce transfer fees.
However, there is the possibility that the bank refuses to open your account unless you have suitable reasons; such as salary deposit.
If you are having trouble opening a bank account, contact the bank and/or your employer.