Labor law and insurance system

Here are descriptions of the insurance system and labor laws for working holiday visa holders.

Handling of health insurance and welfare pension insurance

				Same as Japanese employees in Japan, there are statements follow to join health insurance and welfare pension insurance.
If you are going to work more than 20 hours per week or more, then you have to have Japanese insurance.
The employer needs to comprehend worker’s name and status of residence, and report it to Hello Work.
When foreigners want to be insured by employment insurance, they need residence status.

Handling of employment insurance

				Health insurance and welfare pension insurance are similar.
There are obligation requirements, just similar to the Japanese employment insurance.
If foreigner is insured, he or she needs to fill out the visa status,
such as nationality in the remarks column of the qualification notice.
If a foreigner is not insured, then he or she needs to describe the necessary information on the "foreign employment status notification form".

Q: Does the labor of social security laws and regulations of Japan will be applied to foreign workers?

				A: If foreign workers apply to "workers to be defined by law", labor regulations applies in principle.
There is also Employment Security Act for foreigner who has residence status.
It does provide some services, such as job placement or vocational guidance in the public employment security office.

For employers

Q: I would like to employ a foreigner. Is there any way?

				A: There are several ways to hire foreigners.

  1. Directly
    You can recruit workers through the newspaper, magazines and/or the Internet. For example this site.
  2. From college
  3. From public institutions.

Hello Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

You can get the cooperation of the company here.
In public institutions, we are employment support of career counseling foreigners.
Job fairs for the purpose of matching of human resources and events to recruit foreign students on a regular basis have been held frequently.

Recruitment agency

Recruitment companies will introduce you employees for your company.
The price depends on the experience and ability of that recruitment agency.
Recruitment agency is good at finding employees, that has abilities, that matches with your company.